Men’s Style Guide: Tips to Look Great at All Times

“People will stare. Make it worth their while”, a quote by Harry Winston that highlights the importance of good style, fashion and appearance. You can be a maestro of fashion; however, if you lack style, everything goes in vain including your entire appearance. A lot goes into looking good, but it is no rocket science. It might sometimes get tricky, but one should just adhere to the basics and amp it up a little as and when required. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you look great at all times.

Invest in a Classic White Shirt

A must have item that can be found in every mens fashion UAE guide is a white shirt. Obviously, we couldn’t miss it too. A classic white shirt is one of the few clothing items that uplift the entire outfit with its sheer elegance and simplicity. To get a clean and sharp look, make sure to iron your shirt well, not just white shirt but any shirt!

Opt for a Suit That Fits Well

When it comes to suits, the most important factor to consider is its fitting. The perfect fit is important because an ill fitted suit will result in a shabby appearance. There are several options to choose from, but you can blindly trust the classic- single- breasted, two buttons, dark with minimal details suit to look dapper.

Opt for Comfortable Jeans and Shoes

For jeans usually the best option is to opt for dark, mid- rise jeans that’ll help you look taller. Ensure that the jean is comfortable enough to move freely but at the same time fits well.

Whereas for shoes, it’s wise to stick to the classics like loafers, brogues and a round toe that are both comfortable and stylish.

Don’t Skip Skincare and Personal Hygiene

Give your skin the pampering it craves with a skincare routine. Ensure to trim your beard and nails at regular intervals. Style isn’t just about fashion, but you too!

Enhance your appearance and turn some heads with the above-given guide that would make others want your styling tips.

Indulge in Accessories

There are various accessories that could turn your appearance from 0 to 100. One of those valuable items includes a bag. A bag is not just meant to hold your things but is a personal statement piece. There are a number of bags online UAE, so opt for a versatile one that could seamlessly work well with your outfits.

Another good accessory is a watch. Invest in a watch that would match almost everything like a rugged and aesthetic sports model. Make sure that the watch fits you well and sits comfortably on your wrist.

Robert Mosley

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