Why Should You Not Leave Your Pets in The Car During Summer?

 Why Should You Not Leave Your Pets in The Car During Summer?

The worst thing you, as a pet owner can do is leaving your pet in the car, while you head out to complete your chores. Even if it is for a couple of minutes or if they appear to be comfortable with it, you should, by all means, completely avoid it. Think of this scenario with your child; now would you leave them in the car, especially during Dubai’s scorching heat? Why would you treat your four-legged friend any different? You need to understand that this is dangerous and can make them more prone to serious health issues. As experts in this domain, we at Pets in The City bring you this article, aiming at helping pet parents understand the importance of keeping pets in cool and relaxed spaces at all times, especially during summers.

Temperature Inside the Car Increases

It comes as no surprise that dogs love going for drives with you, be it to the beach, or even to the grocery store. What they don’t like, however, is leaving them behind in the car while you continue with your errands. You may think it’s safe to leave your pet inside the vehicle, but that is not the case. Studies have shown that the temperature inside the car increases two times more than the outside temperature. While dogs can resist specific temperatures, extreme temperatures can lead to heatstroke, causing their organs to fail. What could have been a fun trip with your fur baby will then be a disastrous one with multiple visits to the vet?

Why Should You Not Leave Your Pets in The Car During Summer

Dogs Cannot Regulate Their Body Temperature

How often have you come across the situation where you have parked your car under a shade and go to it feeling twice as hot? While many drivers believe that leaving the window slightly open helps with ventilation, this doesn’t apply to animals. Given that dogs can’t regulate their body temperature efficiently like us humans, this whole situation will only make them more uncomfortable and anxious.

Certain Breeds Are at A Higher Risk

It is a known fact that all pets are at risk when left in the car, though there are specific breeds that are at higher risks in comparison. Extremely young and aged pets are more susceptible to heat, while those with dark fur, heavy coats, and are overweight tend to be at a higher risk of succumbing to a heat stroke.

Certain Breeds Are at A Higher Risk

Leaving Pets in The Car Is Illegal

Apart from the fact that it is perilous and can cause health issues, it is illegal to leave your pet in the car. Pet owners will be charged heavily due to animal cruelty and will be subject to hefty fines.

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