Tips to Ensure Fresh Flowers Last Longer

More often than not, flowers tend to be a standard gift either on special occasions or to make someone’s day special. They brighten up and room and instantly works as a mood lifter. Be it an anniversary gift, a birthday gift, or a bunch of flowers that you picked up for yourself; you certainly want to ensure they live longer than usual. While the sad truth is, they will wilt out after a while, there are a few ways to keep them alive for longer than usual. In this blog, we’ve compiled a few guidelines for you to follow to preserve the life of your flowers Dubai.

Trim the Edge

We’ve found that most people forget to immediately cut the stem of the flowers after taking them home. You can use garden shears to trim off about a centimeter from the bottom and make sure it is at an angle. It’s wise to cut at an angle as it allows better water intake since the flowers are not just going to sit flat at the bottom of the vase. Don’t forget to re-trim the stem after a few days.

Trim the Edge

Place Flowers in Cooler Spaces

Flowers tend to last longer in colder temperatures than to place them under direct sunlight or any device that generates heat. We recommend not putting them in areas such as open windows, heating and cooling vents, or ceiling fans, as they contribute to dehydrating the flowers. This is a lesser-known fact, but one should avoid placing flowers near fruits, as they tend to release small droplets of gas during the ripening process. It reduces the longevity within your flower arrangement.

Keep Flowers Hydrated

Keep Them Hydrated

You shouldn’t just keep them away from being dehydrated but should also ensure that it is done correctly. Once the stems have been cut, they can’t survive without water. Once you’ve picked a clean vase, fill it with water and add some flower food, which should be properly mixed in. Additionally, it’s essential to change the water after two-three days.

Remove Dead Flowers

It is important to note that every flower comes with a different longevity period. It could, for various reasons, right from quality to its ability to absorb water. What you need to ensure is that when you notice one flower wilting out, you need to remove it immediately from the bouquet. That’s because once a flower dies, they release an odorless and invisible gas that is harmful to other flowers. So, if you want to ensure the rest don’t die as well, you need to act quickly.

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